How Many IONM Cases Per Year?

Neuromonitoring industry analysts estimate that the number of surgical procedures that we monitor in the USA each year ranges from 600-800 thousand. I’ve been wondering, is this accurate?

Before you jump to an answer, consider some additional stats:

According to some of these same industry analysts, the average number of cases that each of us monitors per month is 20, so we each monitor an average of 240 cases per year (20 cases x 12 months, for the mathematically-challenged).

If you divide 240 into 800,000, you get approximately 3,330. In other words, there are approximately 3300 people covering those 800,000 cases in the USA each year.

OK, before we get to the problem, one more statistic: According to ABRET, the number of people who presently have a CNIM is approximately 3100.

Here’s the problem: We all know that there are lot of people out there covering cases without a CNIM, and I’m not referring to trainees. I’m talking about all of the non-certified folks, and the people with other certifications (like R. EEG T, for example).

So, one of two statistics that I cited above are way off. Either we all monitor waaaaay less than 20 cases per month, or we monitor waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than 800,000 cases per year.

Here’s my question: what do you know? Tell me. I’m interested to hear any statistics of which you may be aware.

Wanna have more fun…? Think about this, what if we are actually monitoring closer to 1.5 million surgeries…? How many board-certified professionals (MD, PhD, AuD, DC, etc) are there out there supervising these cases? Are there enough? Tell me your thoughts.



Dr. Rich Vogel is board-certified intraoperative neurophysiologist working for Safe Passage Neuromonitoring. He started the Neurologiclabs website and blog to connect with others in the field of neuromonitoring.


2 thoughts on “How Many IONM Cases Per Year?

  • Reply Bernie Cohen February 19, 2015 at 13:18

    Nice topic. Let’s not forget that there are surgeon directed cases being done which are included in the 800,000. Somehow, that number will need to be reconciled before figuring out if the other numbers are high, low or reasonable.

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